Fundraiser - Hoops Mania 2017!!

Fundraiser - Hoops Mania 2017!!

Our Annual Spring Hoops Mania 2017

Hoops Mania is an Exciting Sweepstakes Fundraiser based on College Basketball's National Championship Tournament in March. Sweepstakes participants can win $1,000s in cash prizes based on the number of points scored by the Basketball Teams Printed on the backs of their sweepstakes game cards.

We are trying to get a jump start on this Fundraiser early this Season.

Please see the link below to purchase and also try to send out to Family and Friends that you may not see so they can participate in this Fun and exciting Fundraiser:

We are asking that each family make it a personal fundraising goal to sell Eight (8) HoopsMania tickets. Meeting this goal will allow Mantua Soccer to continue to grow with added benefits for our children.

Also MTSA will reward the Travel Team that sells the Most Tickets with an opportunity to have an on Field Experience with the Philadelphia Union.(The Team would still need to Purchase Tickets to the game)

How Does Hoops Mania Sweepstakes Work?

To see Fact Sheet on Hoops Mania $10.00 Fundraiser go to: