ZEN Sport - Youth Spring Travel Speed & Agility Clinics

ZEN Sport - Youth Spring Travel Speed & Agility Clinics

ZenSport – Youth Speed & Agility Clinic

Mantua Township Soccer Association is excited to offer Youth Speed & Agility clinics for the 2016 Spring season (8 weeks), which is tailored to the specific needs of our young athletes (ages: 7–17 yrs.).


Duarte Monteiro, a Speed & Agility Specialist, will be leading each of the outdoor training sessions (60 minutes) and the program will accommodate 7 to 20 athletes per team.


Team Clinic registration will occur on a first-come, first serve basis and training times will be available on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings.  Clinics will be facilitated at our own Chestnut Branch Park.


Why “Speed & Agility” for our youth soccer players & teams?


With youth soccer becoming more competitive than ever, the game is changing. 


Successfully improving one’s biomechanics and motor skills responsible for accelerating & decelerating faster & fluidly over short distances often provides young athletes with a significant advantage or confidence boost over their opponents.


In addition to speed & agility, the program is specifically designed to minimize the risk of non-contact related injuries (i.e., ACL tears, muscle lesions, ankle sprains, etc.) through the latest in callisthenic-based movement preparation drills – sports science at its best.


Parental & Coaching Questions:

  • When will my child begin to see the benefits of the training?  Young athletes who normally attend 1 session per week during their regular sports season have shown drastic gains in both speed & agility after only 6 weeks of training.
  • How will progress be measured or assessed?  Every clinic begins and ends with nationally recognized speed, power and agility tests, using the latest in sports science equipment.
  • Will my child be mentally stimulated?  Yes…fun & competitive drills are purposefully infused throughout each session to stimulate the mind & body.
  • Will my child have the energy to perform well in their regular soccer practices, games and/or other spring sports?  Yes…the program is moderately intense and developed in a safe manner that will further support the energy levels required in other spring activities, including their scheduled soccer skills development practices.
  • Will the program be different for my team since they already attended an eight-week clinic?  Yes…our program is progressive in nature and will change depending on the specific athletic needs of the team to challenge and further develop them. 


Check out the following video link to learn more about Zen Sport’s Speed & Agility program – http://youtu.be/4g-h3ZOyaZg


To schedule a Youth Speed & Agility Clinic this Spring for your team, email zenmartialfit@me.com Spaces are limited.